After almost 30 years of experience in Europe and Canada, QUIT BY LASER® offices are happy to introduce Cold Laser Technology to fight obsessive addictions such as cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse in USA.

Stop smoking testimonials

Kristin Fraser & Igor Lukanin - professional figure skaters.
Visited NJ office in February 2008. "Smoke free" for 3 months...
We wish them the best season ever and a lot of gold medals!
Quit BY Laser team.

Hey Guys Robert Gucciardo here. Still not smoking since I saw you guys on that saturday in January on th 8th over in Lynbrook. Want to thank you for the help. I will be giving the phone number to someone today. His name is Bart. He quit for 5 months and fell back so I recommended that he try this...
I am really impressed with the laser to stop smoking. I went to QUIT BY LASER in September, 2005 after 15 years of nicotine addiction. I had a very pleasant and relaxing 20 minute treatment and have not picked up a cigarette since then. It is like I never smoked before in my life! Thank you.
Robert Collin, 48 years old, LI
I was a heavy smoker for about 20 years. I tried to quit “cold turkey” several times but collapsed every time. Laser therapy helped me a lot. I had absolutely NO withdrawal symptoms such as irritability or anger. Avoiding places where I was tempted to smoke helped too. I eliminated coffee and alcohol for a while like the technician advised me. It has been 5 months and I have not picked up a single cigarette. I feel great!
Jacky Kaufman, Brooklyn, NY
Thank you to QUIT BY LASER! I am finally a non-smoker. I tried patches and nicotine gums before but it didn’t work. Laser therapy really helped me! I don’t depend on cigarettes anymore. The treatment was relaxing and painless. The laser technician was very friendly and nice. I will go back again just to experience the relaxation. I will definetly recommend the laser theraphy to all my friends.
Frank Caplano, NYC

My friend recommended QUIT BY LASER to me. I really didn't believe that the laser treatment would help me. I visited the Manhattan office in November 2006, and I haven't felt like smoking since. Now I can’t even stand the smell of cigarettes. Amazing! I would recommend to anyone who wants to stop smoking to quit this relaxing and painless way, fast. And the technician was so cute!
Peter, Brooklyn, NY

QUIT BY LASER treatment is awesome. I have not had any cravings for nicotine since receiving the treatment. It has already been 3 months and 5 days. After quitting smoking I was afraid that I would gain a few extra pounds, but instead the treatment gave me a boost in energy so I had no trouble exercising. Now I look great and don’t smell like tobacco.
Marsha, Queens, NY
I found out about the QUIT BY LASER method on the radio. It took me 6 month to make an appointment. Guess I was too skeptical... Now I blame myself that I didn't stop sooner. I think people keep smoking because they don't know what it is to be a non-smoker. I have so much energy andI finally can breath, I feel so good and save money too! My wife and kids say that I don't stink anymore. Wow! What a compliment!
Luis Lerner, Westchester.
My father died from lung cancer 3 years ago. He was only 58 years old and was a heavy smoker. I didn't want to end up the same way. There is nothing worse than to spend money on cigarettes that could eventurally kill you. I had the laser treatment done on February 1, 2007, my father's birthday. The laser treatment gave me the real willpower to stay away from smoking. Now I know that someday I will be abe to enjoy my grandchildren. Unfortunately my father never enjoyed his...
Danny Cohen, Brooklyn

I am a regular customer at Quit by Laser . Even though I quit smoking after the first treatment 2 years ago I still like the procedure to relax and take my stress away. After the treatment I feel very calm, a little "high". I have a very stressfull job on Wall Street. My co-workers use alcohol and drugs in order to relax. The laser therapy helps me to stay away from trouble. Thank you and see you soon.
Jean Frainstein, New York.

As a doctor I was very skeptical about "the new laser technology". But I was wrong! As soon as I left the Quit By Laser office in Brooklyn I knew that I would never smoke again. I just didn't want to smoke. Now I recommend to all my patients who smoke go to Quit By Laser because it works and I am an example of success.
Dr.Perry-cardiologist, Brooklyn
Going to Quit By Laser was the best thing my husband and I ever decided to do. We were both smokers for over 25 years and tried all the products that were out on the market and nothing ever worked!
My husband heard about Quit by Laser on the radio and told me about it. We both knew that this was it and we had to try. So, in early May we made our appointment. The laser technican, Tatianna, explained that we would need to take Vitamin C one week prior to our appointment and try to slow down on smoking We both took her advice.
We were not sure what to expect but when we arrived for the appointment, Tatianna gave us a brief consultation and then we were escorted into a quiet room with soothing music. The treatment was with a cold laser and we didn't feel a thing! It was like a wand softly touching your ear and arm. Twenty-five minutes later Tatianna told me I was a non-smoker. I honestly did not believe her but it has been 5 months, and my husband and I have not had a cigarette since that wonderful day in May. We both know we will never smoke again!
Ben & Virginia Salamone, Queens, NY

I am so grateful for the service you provided. I am successfully "SMOKE FREE" for one month and three weeks now, I am amazed and proud of myself at the same time. I felt remarkable after my treatment and will definately use my spare one just for the feeling it gave me. I truly hope this holiday season holiday season brings you prosperity and peace and blessings beyong compare.
A customer and friend....
Susan M. Zammikiel. December 2005.

I came to Quit By Laser on January 14th 2008. I am not smoking now as of April 2nd 2008. I smoked for 40 years and never did think I would be able to quit. This treatment has been extremely helpful and definetely eliminates the physical need for a cigarette.
Cristine Berkley.
I have tried quitting smoking countless times with every method out there. Quit By Laser is the only thing that has worked for me. It has been 5 months and I have never felt better.
Tina - NYC. February 2009
Dear Quit by Laser,
A little over two years ago I came to Quit by Laser on 3rd Ave. in Manhattan in order to quit an 18 year smoking habit. In two months from now I will run my first NYC Marathon at the age of 40. Thank you.
Bridy Fuhrman. September 2009

July 11th was my one year anniversary for not smoking, thanks to your treatment. I am feeling great and am now working to lose the weight I have gained. I am recommending your treatment to anyone who asks how I was able to quit after 40 years of smoking.
Thanks again!!
Edna Ladanza

Weight loss testimonials

I lost 10 pounds in 2 months after finishing the QUIT BY LASER weight loss program. It really helped me to control my appetite. I completely lost my cravings for sweets which I was addicted to. Now I have more energy to exercise and hope to lose 10 more pounds.
Michelle, Queens, NY

I felt the results right after the first treatment. I had no cravings for food at all. Sometimes I had to force myself to eat! Amazing! I lost 15 pounds so far and will come back for a booster in 6 months.
Alisa, NYC

After the therapy, I lost the desire for sweets. I was obsessed with eating chocolate. I was getting very depressed and stressed with the extra weight I gained from eating it. And now I can truthfully say after three laser treatments I don't care about eating chocolate and I am losing weight. My friends have even noticed my weight loss, and that makes me feel great!!
Katrina, Brooklyn

The laser treatment at Quit By Laser gave me the willpower to change my bad habits. I stopped eating junk food and large portions. I joined Weight Watchers and now exercise at a gym. I lost 13 pounds in just 3 months, and it is only the beginning!!
Kim, Staten Island

Kristin Fraser & Igor Lukanin